About Us

As a proudly Canadian company, our mission at Hugging Hazel is simple, and lays the foundation for everything we are!

It's our goal to encourage confident babywearing as a parenting tool.  We know that parenting can be stressful enough and attempting to safely wrap, tie and knot a 5 meter piece of fabric around your body can be very intimidating.  For this reason, many parents choose not to use a baby wrap for fear of not putting it on properly and securely to ensure the safety of their precious cargo. The Hugging Hazel Baby Wrap Carrier was designed to nurture the bond between parent and child; and allow every parent to become a content and confident babywearer.

The Hugging Hazel is the first unisex carrier in its class, exclusively designed for simplicity, comfort and style; and it is locally and ethically manufactured right here in Canada.

Labour of Love

The Hugging Hazel Baby Wrap Carrier was a true labour of love for me, as the Founder and CEO of Hugging Hazel Inc. What started out as a very personal and well-thought-out gift for my niece and her new baby, turned into something so much bigger than I had ever expected. With God as my guide, I took a leap of faith and just followed His lead.

As a professional RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educator), past ADH (Assistant to the Developmentally Handicapped), Trained Babywearing Consultant, and the mother of a child with a several unique needs as an infant, I've made a conscious effort to create the perfect wrap, addressing all the challenges that arise with the use of other baby wraps and carriers.

"It is my prayer that you and your precious little one experience the joy and comfort that comes from snuggling together and that you both enjoy using the Hugging Hazel Baby Wrap Carrier as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

May your blessings be abundant and your troubles be few!"