Best in Its Class

What Makes the Hugging Hazel Baby Wrap Carrier the Best in its Class?

Well, there's even more to it than just our unique design, our premium fabric and our Health & Safety Compliance

Extensive Research & Development

A year of research and development went into the design and manufacturing of the Hugging Hazel. The following information was taken into consideration:

  • Personal experience and education regarding the first year of life
  • Personal experience and education of children with special needs
  • Detailed information and feedback based on existing reviews of the top 10 baby wraps and carriers
  • Information from past Incident Reports of infant fatalities involving baby wraps and carriers, due to unsafe products or human negligence
  • In depth investigation into the “Certification/Compliance” process regarding “organic” and “environmentally-friendly” fabric. Many companies that sell or manufacture fabric baby items are often unaware that they are making false claims, due to the fact that they did not investigate the entire fabric production process; from the raw material, to the yarn spinning, to the weaving, to the dying, through to the finished fabric.
  • Conducted over 10 months of hands-on, experiential Product Trials with moms and dads of infants from newborn to 25 lbs., during all four phases of Product Development

Designed by a Registered Early Childhood Educator

The founder of Hugging Hazel has been a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) #37622, since 1993. Most recently, she worked as an Assistant to the Developmentally Handicapped in the York Region District School Board in the Greater Toronto Area, and a respite worker for families with exceptional children.  With her knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that the Hugging Hazel was created with early childhood development in mind.

Health & Safety

Although there are currently no Health & Safety regulations specific to Canada for manufacturing baby wraps or carriers (for the exception of flammability testing), the Hugging Hazel wrap has endured the rigorous testing required for the ASTM 2907 Standard in the United States and is fully compliant.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Hugging Hazel in its Hip-Healthy Product list. The IHDI educates the public and recognizes products that encourage healthy hip development, specifically in products used during the first six months.

Quality Workmanship

Every Hugging Hazel wrap is professionally hand-made on a single machine, by seamstresses and not mass produced, allowing for more attention to quality and the finer details.

Quality Assurance

Every Hugging Hazel wrap manufactured goes through the hands of the Founder & CEO to ensure that it lives up to the high quality standards expected by parents.

Keeping it Canadian

Hugging Hazel is a proud Canadian company that is committed to creating a quality product that is made in Canada. Although it’s more expensive to manufacture in Canada, our business foundation is built on supporting and utilizing the products and services of other Canadian small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Developed and Designed for a Beloved Family Member

The Hugging Hazel wrap was initially designed and developed for a beloved family member who was having a baby.  A great deal of thought, care and heart went into the development and production of the Hugging Hazel Baby Wrap Carrier. After all the research and hands-on trials were well under way, the positive feedback was overwhelming. The incredible encouragement from the moms and dads who were using the wrap, was the catalyst for Hugging Hazel Inc. The research, care and attention to detail is what makes this labour of love such a quality product.


The Hugging Hazel was created to be sleek and form fitting, without all the bulk. It is offered in 4 neutral colours to cater to both males and females, and can be matched to compliment any outfit.