If you are in between sizes or if you are 5'2" or shorter, ALWAYS SIZE DOWN. If you are pregnant, use your pre-pregnancy sizing. Wrap MUST FIT SNUG!
Consult the sizing chart above to ensure the right fit. It is important to first determine your actual size as precisely as possible, and purchase the Hugging Hazel size that corresponds to it.

The following factors were taken into consideration, in order to create the most accurate sizing: 

  • The U.S. Standard Sizing Chart
  • The percentage of stretch in the wrap
  • Actual " user" trial statistics
  • Cross-body measurements
  • Chest measurements

How to Measure

When measuring the chest, place the tape measure, level, around the widest or fullest part of the chest.  Ensure that the measuring tape is pulled close to your body.  See below:

The carrier was designed to fit snug against the body.  Age or weight of child is not
a factor in sizing. The carrier will feel tight when you first put it on and it does not  mean it is too small. Once the wrap is put on, you should be able to place your arms in the fabric and stretch it out at least 6 inches. It has great stretch and recovery and will feel very comfortable once the panels are spread out according to the instructions.