Thank you for your interest in the Hugging Hazel baby wrap carrier. 

Here's a list of our frequently asked questions.

1. Can I breastfeed when wearing the Hugging Hazel wrap?

Yes. You can breastfeed your baby while wearing the Hugging Hazel wrap. First, you need to fold down the fabric behind your baby’s head and make sure that your baby’s face is not pressed against the breast. 

Make sure that you can see your baby’s face while they're feeding. Once done feeding, ensure that you re-position your baby to the correct upright position, ensuring that their airway is clear and their chin is not touching their chest. If required, you can also reposition the fabric so that the baby’s head is supported.

2. What does premium mean?

Hugging Hazel is a premium baby wrap because of the quality of the fabric used and its unique design. Its the first unisex carrier in its class, exclusively designed for comfort, simplicity and style; and is locally and ethically manufactured in Canada. 

The Hugging Hazel is made from 94% organically grown material; 66% being licensed Tencel™ Lyocell and 28% organic cotton. The remaining 6% of spandex ensures that the wrap conforms comfortably to the body, with just the right amount of stretch and bounce-back. This means the baby wrap is gentle on the skin, safe for baby to suck on, keeps your body cool and dry, and maintains its colour and fit.

The baby wrap also has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification - an independent testing system that tests for harmful substances. This exclusive certification means that third-party testers found our baby wrap to be non-toxic and safe for newborns.

3. How does the sizing work?

Please consult the Sizing Chart to ensure that the baby wrap fits snug and secure. 

The age or weight of the child is not a factor in sizing. If you are in between sizes, always size down.

4. What are the American standards with which Hugging Hazel comply?

Hugging Hazel complies with the US regulations under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

There are currently no Canadian regulations related to baby carriers.

Hugging Hazel is also a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA), a non-profit trade organization that represents manufacturers, educators and retailers who work in the industry. 

The BCIA promote the growth of the industry, help our members navigate compliance issues and work together under a common voice to achieve things like public safety campaigns, work on the regulatory standards and encourage best practice.

5. What does "hip healthy" mean?

This means that the baby wrap encourages healthy hip development. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the Hugging Hazel wrap as a hip healthy product when used as directed.

6. Where in Canada are the baby wrap carriers made?

The Hugging Hazel baby wrap carrier is made in Ottawa, Ontario.

7. Can you wash the baby wrap?

Yes. Be sure to wash the Hugging Hazel in cold water.  Do not use bleach. Hang or lay flat to dry. (You can tumble dry on low heat, and remove promptly from dryer at your own risk.) Do not use fabric softener sheets when drying. Do not dry clean.  

8. Does the fabric lose its shape?

The baby wrap consists of organic cotton, which would normally stretch over time. However, with the majority of the fabric being Tencel Lyocell blended with just the right amount of spandex, the fabric is strong and resilient, holds its shape very well and will bounce back after washing.

9. How should the Hugging Hazel baby wrap carrier fit?

The Hugging Hazel baby wrap carrier should fit snug. A snug fit provides more support, helps disperse the body weight evenly, and is optimal for carrying your baby safely and securely.

When putting on the Hugging Hazel correctly, without the child inside, the fabric should sit just below your chest, before pulling the waist panel down. Prior to putring baby in it, you should be sble to put tour arms in the fabric panels and stretch it at least 6 inches. When carrying your child in the wrap, their bottom should sit anywhere above your navel or waist but not fall below your hips. If you accurately follow our sizing chart, your carrier should be the perfect fit.

10. What is the weight range for the baby carrier?

The Hugging Hazel baby wrap carrier can hold up to a 25 pound child. The age of the child is NOT a factor, as long as they fall within the range up to 25 lbs. Although this wrap can safely withstand up to 10 pounds more (up to 35 lbs. like a traditional fabric wrap), the Hugging Hazel was tested for up to 25 lbs, to ensure that baby was positioned properly and comfortably sitting above the wearer's waist.  If baby drops too low and his head is not "close enough to kiss" then they have outgrown the Hugging Hazel. 

11. What is the difference between a baby wrap and a baby carrier?

Hugging Hazel offers a unique hybrid model, that is both a baby wrap and a baby carrier.


Baby carriers are structured and have a stiffer more sturdy construction. They have padded seating and different fasteners in place (clips, straps, Velcro, rings, etc.) for securely fastening it onto your body and for safely containing your child. They're helpful for those long days out, doing physical activities such as hikes and theme-park visits, especially after the newborn stage. However, they can be very strenuous on the wearer’s body, quite cumbersome, and are not the most comfortable way to carry your child. 

Baby wraps are made from a long piece of fabric that is wrapped and wound around your body and tied. They're beneficial for holding younger babies snug against your body, while having your hands free. They can be worn in various positions and come in a variety of fabrics. Although the fabric wraps are supposed to be lightweight and breathable, many of them are too hot to wear for long periods of time and they are a lot more complicated to assemble properly and use them with confidence.