Our Manufacturer

Our values guide our manufacturing process. 

Hugging Hazel is a labour of love. Manufacturing the baby wrap in Canada and producing it in an ethically and environmentally responsible way, were two critical components for me, as the Founder and CEO of Hugging Hazel Inc.

After much research and having to first “kiss a few frogs” in the industry, I met with EcoEquitable Inc. and was more than happy to partner with them to manufacture my design and my first production run. Their mission is to provide a bridge to social and economic integration for people in need, especially immigrant women. 

Started in 2001, EcoEquitable Inc. is a registered Canadian Charity and social enterprise that empowers immigrants and marginalized women, by providing skills in the sewing goods industry; helping them develop confidence, decreasing their social isolation, and integrating them into the Canadian labour market. EcoEquitable’s foundation is based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

They also design and manufacture other unique products, including Flagbarer; their own line of bags and accessories made from the material from decorative flags. They up-cycle them into functional, unique products, each with a unique Flagbarer story printed on the hangtag.

As a client of EcoEquitable, I really enjoyed the entire production process, which allowed me to gain insight into the world of design and manufacturing.  However, the most fulfilling part of it was that I was supporting an organization of woman empowering other woman to become capable, confident, and contributing members of our local communities.

Unfortunately, after several "hiccups" and upon completion of our first production run, it was very clear that they did not have the capacity to take on outside clients and still meet their mandate as a social and charitable enterprise.  However, I was so grateful that EcoEquitable and Hugging Hazel Inc. were able to work together briefly and produce a premium quality Canadian product.  My choice to work with them allowed me to be a part of supporting and empowering women, helping create opportunities, and strengthening families in and around Canada's capital region.